a fun but very dirty rug we cleaned recently..

To send this rug out to a plant cleaning facility would cost more than it was worth.

We told them we would give it our best but not to expect much and that there would be no charge..



At Connoisseur, we love a challenge.

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Yelp’s finest Santa Cruz companies working together..

Today we had the pleasure of working at Pleasure Point’s own Bella Notte Hotel.


The owner of Bella Notte Inn was searching for a better Carpet Cleaner and took the advice from Tim Donoghue at Warehouse Direct Flooring to give us a try.

After getting out a tough ugly grease stain from an otherwise BEAUTIFUL guest room that the last cleaning company couldn’t, I got the feeling this is going be a long and beautiful relationship between two of Santa Cruz highest rated companies on Yelp!


Make sure to check out Bella Notte’s great Yelp reviews of this very charming Italian Style Inn..


Relax in Mediterranean splendor just two blocks from the Pacific Ocean. Bella Notte Inn offers ten luxurious rooms, each custom designed to make you feel at home the moment you step in the door. Tucked away in the Live Oaks neighborhood of Santa Cruz, Bella Notte Inn is the perfect choice for a romantic weekend away, a relaxing day at the beach, or visiting some of the Monterey Bay Area’s award-winning wineries.

Bella Notte translates to a beautiful evening. To ensure we live up to our name, we’ve lavished every room with the finest Italian bedding, imported Italian marble countertops, custom cabinetry and heated tile floors in all bathrooms.

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that darn Yelp filter..


I  know why Yelp filters reviews but I really wish great ones like this would stay visible..


Yelp-logoMargo C.
Santa Cruz, CA

5.0 star rating 5/30/2014
Dave and Eli have, once again, done a stellar job on my carpet and this time upholstery as well. Connoisseur has been my carpet cleaner for several years, and I would not use anyone else. They do great work and Dave and Eli are delightful and got the work done quickly and quietly. House is completely tidy with no mess left behind inside or out.

Bottom line, I could not give a higher recommendation.




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Don’t ignore your toilet!

A regular customer of ours called over the holiday weekend claiming her tenant found a “small wet spot” on the carpet..

We showed up on Tuesday to investigate. From the looks of it, the toilet tank gasket has been leaking for over a month.

we had to open up the walls to air try the soaked joists and sils

we had to open up the walls to air try the soaked joists and sils

The surrounding walls were soaked and that “one foot by six inch” wet spot on the carpet was actually more like 8 feet by 2 feet..

the pad and floor were drenched yet the customer could only detect a very small area of wetness

the pad and floor were drenched yet the customer could only detect a very small area of wetness


We found plenty mold growing behind the baseboards..


and hidden damage behind suitcases and junk in a closet in the next room.

luckily the laminate floor did not get damaged

luckily the laminate floor did not get damaged

The lesson to be learned, when your toilet makes that filling noise in the middle of the night or basically, when you have not used it,



Ordinarily the water is just leaking from a bad flapper into the bowl, in this case the gasket between the tank and bowl had failed and

was letting water out on to the floor behind the toilet where the walls and baseboard proceeded to soak it all up.

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Low water usage carpet cleaning methods

We here at Connoisseur Cleaning are a rare breed in the fact that we offer all popular methods of carpet cleaning.

-Hot Water Extraction/”Steam Cleaning”
- Rotary Shampoo
-Rotary Extraction
-Bonnet Cleaning
- Dual Cylindrical Low Moisture
-Absorbent Compound
and in many cases, a combination of two or more to get the best results.


With the summer of 2014 quickly upon us, we are very aware of every home owner’s concern about high water usage.

If your preference has been our legendary Hot Water extraction process you should be pleased to know that the average 3 bed room, living room, dinning room and hallway

only takes about 35 gallons of water to effectively clean.


So for less that the cost of filling your bath tub you can still have your carpet cleaned and keep your conscience clean as well!


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Cotton door mats will save the world!

well maybe not THE world but at least your living room carpet.

I was at CostPlus World Market recently and was impressed with their nice selection or small cotton rugs.




Most homes we visit have synthetic rugs/ doormats in their kitchen and entry areas. While cheap to buy, their absorbency and ability to grab oily soils from your family’s shoes can’t compare to 100% cotton. Their two sided rugs can be used on both side before washing in the gentle cycle in your washing machine. Drip drying is suggested.


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In true Mom and Pop fashion..

It was back in 2001 “Mom and Pops” Mike and Paula started what would be Santa Cruz’s most popular carpet cleaning company. Thirteen years later Paula has moved on to run her own business, Yellow Barn Day Care and we now have our daughter taking care of Paula’s old duty’s. Handling the phones most of the times, scheduling, book keeping for both businesses, social media and making sure Mike combs his hair every day.

Some of you may remember meeting Monique when she would tag along as my helper about ten years ago.


Rave reviews are already coming in on her great phone skills and professionalism



Makes a Pops proud….


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