Caring for your Oriental Rugs.

Oriental Rugs are not only a work of art but also an investment, and with proper care, can last for generations. Oriental rugs are generally made of wool. They are more durable, resilient and stay cleaner than rugs made from other fibers. By following these simple suggestions your Oriental rug will provide you with many […] Read more »

Professional Carpet Cleaning – How often is normal?

We are often asked, “How often shouldI have my carpets cleaned?” The truth is, there is no particular schedule. Cleaning frequency really depends on the type of traffic you have on your carpet and how you maintain it. Some people can get by with professional cleanings every couple of years, while others need their carpets […] Read more »

Is Your Home Making Your Family Sick?

Most people are aware that outdoor air pollution can damage their health, but may not know that indoor air pollution can also have significant effects. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) studies of human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 2-5 times, and on occasion more than 100 […] Read more »

Leary of Color Sealing?

I dont blame you. I’ve seen the same botched jobs you have. Those silly Grout pens from QVC that looks like you used White Out or tooth paste to hide the stains. Lumpy, uneven results that look horrible. I blame the poor quality products from the hardware store, lack of proper prep work and no […] Read more »

Color Seal concerns??

I get calls from many dirty grout owners who have heard of Color Sealing and are a bit apprehensive about it. Usually its because they have seen a do it your self job with the low budget products form the hardware store or a rush job done by a company with little to no experience […] Read more »

Why Think Local? Buying from locally owned and independent businesses benefits the local economy Locally owned businesses spend their profits locally, purchase more goods from local suppliers, and employ their own office and support staff. When more money gets re-circulated in the community, general prosperity as well as tax revenues increase, creating a more vibrant and sustainable […] Read more »

Need to get out of Santa Cruz?

As beautiful as our area is, sometimes its good for the mind, body and soul to just get the heck out of town for a day or week end. My favorite spot in California, at least on this side of the Sierras is the Tomalas Bay area. Marine country plays host to this luscious rolling […] Read more »

Stone Showerstall upkeep.

Natural stone such as tumbled Marble or Travertine is a very popular Shower and Bathtub wall covering here in Santa Cruz County  This is somewhat surprising when you consider that it can be one of the most difficult materials to take care of in a Bathroom.  Most natural stone of these types is quite porous […] Read more »

What makes a Carpet Cleaning company “Green”?

With every business under our sun declaring themselves Green these days you have to wonder whats it really all about? For some its merely the fact that they have a paperless office and they recycle their coke bottles, for others it means that they ride their bikes to work and they smoke organic cigarettes.. For […] Read more »

The Power Of Peroxide!

This inexpensive liquid in the brown bottle can save you plenty of $$$. Oxygen is the most abundant element on earth, comprising 45.6% of the earth’s crust and 20.95% of dry air, and is one of the most vital elements to support life for plants, animals and man. Hydrogen peroxide has been sold in drug […] Read more »