No, we don’t do windows!

But we do rejuvenate a mean shower stall! Deep cleaning, mold removal, re-grouting, stain removal, removal and replacement of caulk, grout or silicone and long lasting penetrative sealers. Natural Stone, Ceramic or Porcelain, you name it, we can clean it. Before- After- Before- After- Read more »

Do you want “Perfect” grout?

I just can’t get over how well our Color Sealing process works. This first picture is after a two step cleaning process using both alkaline and acidic cleaning agents. Sometimes light colored grout shows stains and other than removing the grout and replacing with new, color sealing is the only logical, effective and long lasting […] Read more »

RIP Millie

We lost one of our best customers recently.. Millie was getting on in years and like most old dogs, they create reasons for us carpet cleaners to come visit them and their owners pretty often. In Millie’s case (and her best friend, Abbey the Greyhound) those visits got to be so often that financially it […] Read more »