A Homeowner’s best friend!

If you own any sort of hard floors that is. Tile, Stone, Wood, Vinyl, Concrete, Laminates.. Any and all hard floor surfaces will come and stay cleaner with this fine little machine. Wash, vacuum and dry all non-carpeted hard surfaces with the Hoover FloorMate . Seven scrubbing brushes cover a 15-inch cleaning path, and the […] Read more »

Yes we clean under beds..

Sure we can clean under your beds. Mom only knows just how much dander, pet hair, dust, lint, feathers and what not reside under the very piece of furniture that you spend up to 8 hours a day in. Chances are you have a heat register or air vent either nearby or directly under that […] Read more »

Our current reviews off Yelp.com

4/27/2009 Erica H, Aptos I had my couches and area rugs cleaned shortly after I moved in to my new home in November. They have this super high powered hot water suction thingy that is pretty awesome to watch, it’s hooked up to the truck and man it’s powerful! The owner was really nice and […] Read more »

The wonders of Hydrogen Peroxide

As carpet, stone, upholstery and rug cleaners we use on average a half gallon of both liquid and powdered Hydrogen Peroxide each and every day. We use it in various dilutions to deodorize your carpets, make coffee, urine and other organic stains disappear, get rid of stubborn water stains off your upholstery  and leave your […] Read more »