Etch Marks — Those Aren’t Water Stains!

  Etching on marble, limestone, travertine and all the calcium based stone is the result of a chemical reaction that occurs when acid comes in contact with a surface. Etch marks on stone surfaces resemble water spots or worn polish.   Seemingly innocent items like tooth paste, mouthwash, orange juice, coffee, vinegar, wine, perfumes, tomato […] Read more »

Are you interested in hand made rugs as an art form?

Than you’ll want to spend some time checking out this website   The true beauty of Persian Rugs derives from the people who weave Persian Rugs. When we talk about the Persian or Iranian people we are not speaking of one broad ethnic group we are talking about many. While most Persians are Indo European […] Read more »

Pet Accidents Happen. Now What?

Pet activity may happen on your favorite rugs this summer. Guests in the home, or you away from home, restless pets can end up doing things they should not. With an inexpensive tufted rug, this can be a blessing because it is protecting a much more valuable wood floor underneath it. With an oriental rug […] Read more »