Stone floor cleaning in Santa Cruz Ca

Please take a few seconds to watch us work our magic on this well loved Travertine floor in Aptos CA. Identify Sweep Protect surroundings Apply cleaning agent Let dwell Agitate Steam Clean contained rinse Detail edges and corners Power dry with 360º fans Apply penetrative sealer Buff when necessary. -optional polish or homing available.   Read more »

New addition to the Connoisseur fleet.

Our legendary Vortex “Big Truck” stands out so much as we drive around Santa Cruz that I often hear from customers how they see “all your trucks around town”.. When in reality we just have the one big cab over truck along with a small cargo van. Well things have been so busy around here […] Read more »

Proud father…

I had my carpet cleaned a few weeks ago. I believe the owner’s son was the one that did it. Super nice young man and since I opted to stay home, he explained things to be that I have never known. I had some nasty stains that were here from the previous owner and they […] Read more »