Don’t ignore your toilet!

A regular customer of ours called over the holiday weekend claiming her tenant found a “small wet spot” on the carpet.. We showed up on Tuesday to investigate. From the looks of it, the toilet tank gasket has been leaking for over a month. The surrounding walls were soaked and that “one foot by six […] Read more »

Low water usage carpet cleaning methods

We here at Connoisseur Cleaning are a rare breed in the fact that we offer all popular methods of carpet cleaning. -Hot Water Extraction/”Steam Cleaning” – Rotary Shampoo -Encapsulation -Rotary Extraction -Bonnet Cleaning – Dual Cylindrical Low Moisture -Absorbent Compound and in many cases, a combination of two or more to get the best results.   With […] Read more »

Cotton door mats will save the world!

well maybe not THE world but at least your living room carpet. I was at CostPlus World Market recently and was impressed with their nice selection or small cotton rugs.       Most homes we visit have synthetic rugs/ doormats in their kitchen and entry areas. While cheap to buy, their absorbency and ability […] Read more »