A group of us Carpet Cleaners pay back our biggest fans…

As some of you know I put on educational event for fellow carpet cleaners around the country. Last September we had a gathering in Las Vegas where I solicited a lot of great prizes from manufacturers and suppliers and sold tickets to benefit a local pet rescue.. I heard back from them this week and thought […] Read more »

Is it time to go wall to wall carpet shopping?

Those shopping for carpet should read the Carpet Guru Website before visiting any showroom. You will save time, frustration, and money. The Carpetguru has over 45 years experience in the carpet business, and is well known in the industry. This information is to be used as a carpet buyer’s guide only, and not to be reproduced for […] Read more »

How Granite Countertops are made.

I found this video informative and interesting as I’m sure anyone who owns a granite counter will as well..        Santa Cruz home owners who need their Granite counters, floors or showerstalls professionally cleaned or sealed, please give us a call. Read more »

and for those that really need a Canister vacuum..

I’m not a fan of Miele canisters what so ever. Tiny and very expensive bags, poor suction  and a lack of agitation at the beater bar. Not too mention way over priced..     In my opinion you’re much better off with a Royal or Kirby for your wall to wall and area rugs  and […] Read more »