A great place to buy microfiber mops and related products.

I’d like to share this great website with you. The Microfiber mop heads are very high quality and 1/4 of the price of hardware and janitorial stores I really like this mop head for cleaning honed or rough surface stone, wood and vinyl floors. The “scrub strips ” work wonders at dislodging soil. http://www.directmopsales.com/MICROFIBERSCRUBBERPADS18GRAY_p/mscrb18.htm     […] Read more »

We have your floors and walls protected!

 Lots of hoses and cords are an unfortunate and sometimes messy reality when it comes to getting your carpet cleaned.  Rest assured that our conscientious technicians at Connoisseur will do everything they can to protect your hard floors and walls from scratches, moisture, cleaning agents and shoes..  Along with our caring attitude, we bring a […] Read more »

Chinese Laminate Flooring Exceeding National Formaldehyde Levels

It appears that the laminate flooring this chain is selling emits a high level of formaldehyde, a known cancer causing chemical. The materials coming from Chinese manufacturing plants can be labeled as CARB compliant when they actually aren’t. 60 Minutes did a story on this and it’s the kind of thing people should be made […] Read more »

How Granite Countertops are made.

I found this video informative and interesting as I’m sure anyone who owns a granite counter will as well..        Santa Cruz home owners who need their Granite counters, floors or showerstalls professionally cleaned or sealed, please give us a call. Read more »

Don’t ignore your toilet!

A regular customer of ours called over the holiday weekend claiming her tenant found a “small wet spot” on the carpet.. We showed up on Tuesday to investigate. From the looks of it, the toilet tank gasket has been leaking for over a month. The surrounding walls were soaked and that “one foot by six […] Read more »