How To Remove Stains On Granite

Poultices A poultice is meant to reabsorb the stain from inside the stone out, into something more absorbent than the stone itself. It is composed by two components:  A chemical that will interact with the type of stain at hand An absorbing medium to reabsorb the stain out of the stone.  Absorbers There are lots […] Read more »


                              It was an honor to work with Leesa at her beautiful home in Los Gatos. All day projects like her’s really keep us on our toes.     Thank you Leesa!!   Read more »

and for those that really need a Canister vacuum..

I’m not a fan of Miele canisters what so ever. Tiny and very expensive bags, poor suction  and a lack of agitation at the beater bar. Not too mention way over priced..     In my opinion you’re much better off with a Royal or Kirby for your wall to wall and area rugs  and […] Read more »

Have no fear..

I have a sofa with a suede fabric and I was babysitting and a little 6 year old spilled a whole bowl of cereal and milk on my sofa.  I tried wiping it with cold water and it dried hard.  I called several upholstery cleaners about cleaning 2 cushions on my microfiber sofa and no […] Read more »